I apologise gratuitously.

Two brothers are off on a winter vacation in a cabin they rented out for the weekend. After some catching up, one of them goes down to the basement to get some drinks, at which point he notices a coffin in the corner.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a hand comes out of it, and drags the entire thing towards the brother.

Shouting, he runs upstairs and tells the brother what happened. Soon after, the coffin bursts through the door. Screaming, they ran to the kitchen and started throwing anything they could find at it. Pots, pans, plates, and even the trash can. But the coffin wouldn’t stop.

Terrified, they went to the living room and started throwing everything at it. Books, cups, and even coasters. But the coffin wouldn’t stop.

Out of energy and hope, they barred themselves in the bathroom. The door smashed open and they cried out for help. They threw toilet paper and bottles of shampoo. But the coffin just wouldn’t stop. Out of desperation, one of them threw a bottle of cough medicine. The coffin stopped.

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