How to retire when business is poor

Two elderly men met in a town in Florida, and began to talk to each other. It turned out both of them were from Oregon, and had owned small factories, and had now retired and moved to Florida.

“I had a factory that produced high-end furniture,” said the first man. “Was successful for many years, made lots of money. But now the market is changing, cheap imported furniture is taking over. My company ran at a loss for a couple of years, and I didn’t know what to do. And then one night there was a fire, and the whole damn factory burned down. I could have built a new factory with the insurance money, but you know, I figured I was old enough that it was time to retire. So I just took the insurance money, and here I am.”

“Wow,” said the second man. “That’s so similar to my story. I had a factory that built speedboats. Lots of success for many years, made lots of money. But speedboat technology keeps changing faster and faster, and I wasn’t keeping up, and I started to lose money. Then one day there was an earthquake, and the factory building collapsed! Luckily I was insured, just like you, and I decided to retire, ‘take the money and run’, and now here I am.”

The first man gazed wide-eyed at the second man for several seconds, Then, in a low voice, he asked, “How do you arrange an earthquake?”

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