How to catch a fish

Another joke that i heard in Hindi many years ago. Trying to translate in English.

On a sunny day, a man was sitting by a river with his fishing hook in the water hoping to catch a fish. He was unsuccessful, so he goes the next day and the day after and continuously for several days with no luck. Everyday during his trying, he watches a priest come there chanting shlokas, put his middle finger in the water and catch 2 fishes within seconds. The man was curious as he was trying for hours without luck and here is this Priest, who catches fish in seconds. So the next day he approaches the priest to ask the magic secret of catching fish by his finger.

The priest is very helpful, and goes on to say that it is very easy actually. He asks the man to wake up early next morning, go to her girlfriend’s place and before she is awake, slowly pull the pants and panty down, put your middle finger in her vagina and quickly take it out. Put the same finger in the river, chant “adhikarat matsya” and fish will stick to it. Simple! Just be careful, not to wake her up.

The man is excited with this new learning and goes to sleep early that night. Next morning, he drives to his girlfriend’s place, enters the house with the duplicate key, goes to her room and starts to undress her. As soon as the vagina is exposed, he gets excited and pushes his finger deep inside. The girl gets up frantically and says “Good Morning Priest”

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