Hold him, he need some attention.

Herb decided to propose to Jill, but prior to her acceptance; Jill felt she had to confess to her man that she suffered from a condition that left her breasts at the maturity of a 12 year old.

Herb said that it was okay because he loved her so much. However, Herb felt this was also the time for him to open up and admit that he had a deformity, too.

Herb looked Jill in the eyes and said, “I too have a problem. My willy is the same size as a newborn, I hope you can deal with that once we are married.”

She said, “Yes, I will marry you and learn to live with your newborn size willy.”

Jill and Herb got married and they could not wait for the honeymoon. Herb whisked Jill off to their hotel suite and they started touching, teasing, and holding one another.

As Jill put her hands in Herb’s pants, she began to scream and ran out of the room.

Herb ran after her to find out what was wrong.

She said, “You told me your willy was the size of a newborn infant!”

“Yes, it is…7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 17 inches long.”

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