He knows how to do it

A man walks into a bar and sees a jar full of money next to a horse stall

The man goes over to the bartender and asks what the set up is for.

“You pay five bucks to go into the stall where the horse is, and if you can make the horse laugh, you win all the money in the jar.

“Easy” the man says. He puts five dollars in the jar, walks up to the horse, whispers in his ear, and the horse starts cracking up. The man takes the money and leaves.

A week later, the man goes back to the bar, where they have the same set up.

“Same bet?” The man asks.

“No, this time you have to make the horse cry”

“Even easier” the man says. So he puts five bucks in the jar, walks up to the horse, and the horse starts crying.

The man is about to take the money and run, but the bartender stops him.

“OK, first, how’d you get the horse to laugh?”

And the man says “I told him I had a bigger dick than he did.”

“And how’d you get the horse to cry?” The bartender asks.

“I showed him.”

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