Happy Oldman

A journalist asked an old man “tell us a happy story from your life as you lived a long life”

The man said ok: back then when we were living in the village and my neighbor’s cow got lost, all the village went searching, we spent a whole day searching, and when we found it we all fucked it.

The journalist said I’m sorry we can’t air this story it’s inappropriate, give us another story,

The old man said: one day in the village, my neighbor lost his donkey, all the village went searching, then we found it and fucked it.

The journalist told him that they can’t air this one either, give us another one

The old man: my neighbor lost his wife an..

The journalist: yeah yeah, you found her and fucked her, we can’t air this either. Do you have any happy story where you don’t fuck anyone?

The man: unfortunately no

The journalist: so give us a sad story.

The old man got into tears and said: one day I got lost.

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