Happy birthday!

A drug dealer has been in prison for a few years, when he seemingly has a change of heart and asks to speak with a DEA agent.

He says to the agent, “My father’s got a farm out in the country. Behind this house, there’s a big ole wood pile. I hit a stash of money and drugs inside one of the logs, but it’s been a long time and I don’t remember which one.”

The DEA gets warrant, goes out to the farm, splits every log in that woodpile. They find no drugs, and no cash. They leave, tired and furious. The dealer’s dad calls his son in prison.

“Hey son, you know, the DEA came out here the other day…”

“Did they split wood for ya?”

“Yeah! They split my whole log pile!”

“There ya go! Happy birthday Dad!”

This is probably a repost. I heard it 5-10 years ago from a friend.

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