Guy wanted to take his wife duck hunting

She’d never been hunting so they prepared the night before.

She made breakfast and lunch for the trip while he got all the hunting stuff clean and got his dog, Butch, ready for the trip. They went to bed early.

The next morning, the guy got up and went to check on everything. It was nasty out, 28° and a freezing rain. He got his wife up.

She looked outside and said, “There’s no way I’m going out in this weather, forget it.”

He said, “Well, you promised, so if you back out now at the last minute, you have to either suck my dick or let me put it in your butt.”

She thought it was waaaay too early for butt sex, so she decided to blow him.

She starts off nice and slow, but then lifts her head and says, “What the hell? Your dick smells like shit!”

He said, “Yeah well, the dog didn’t want to go either.”

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