Great Russian joke

Four mothers; German, Italian, French, and Russian are in a maternity ward ready to pick up their babies. It just so happens, the nurse doesn’t know which baby is which. So the Italian mother walks up to a crib and takes out a slice of pizza. One of the babies moves its hands forward. “That’s mine” says the Italian mother and picks it up. Next, the German mother walks up and says “Heil Hitler.” Immediately, one of the babies makes a Nazi salute and the German mother picks it up. Next, the Russian mother walks up, doesn’t say or do anything, and just takes one of the babies.

“Hold on,” says the French mother, “how can you be so sure that it’s your baby. For all I know, it might be mine”

“It IS mine” says the Russian mother “when the German mother said ‘Heil Hitler’, my baby made an angry face, and yours shit itself.

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