Grandpa Isn’t Forgetful

Johnny is playing in the dirt with some earthworms. His grandfather comes out to ask him what he’s doing. “I’m trying to get these worms back in their holes.”

The grandfather chuckles, “You’ll never get that to work, boy.”

Johnny won’t get up and grandpa watches, amused. Johnny stops to think, then his face lights up with an idea. He runs inside to the laundry room and returns with a can of spray starch. After starching the worms stiff, he slides the worms back into the ground.

Grandpa gets excited and tells Johnny, “You are a very clever boy! Here’s a dollar.” He then grabs the can and runs inside as fast as he can go.

About an hour later, grandpa saunters back out and says, “Very clever boy, Johnny. Here, take this dollar.”

Johnny says, “Grandpa! You are getting forgetful. You already gave me a dollar.”

Grandpa just grins and says, “No Johnny, this one is from your grandma.”

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