George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump are walking on the beach…

… when they find a strange corked bottle in the sand. Obama picks it up and pulls the cork, triggering a blinding flash of light. Suddenly, a genie appears before them, and booms “you three have saved me from this prison, and in return I shall grant you each one wish.”

Excitedly, the men start pondering what to wish for. Obama is the first to step forward, and says to the genie, “I wish I was 10 years younger. I still have much to do for my fellow man, and regaining the youth I had before my presidency will help me give back to the people.”

The genie says, “it is done”. He claps his hands and suddenly, Obama is looking as good as he was the day he stepped into office.

George W Bush follows suit and says “I wish I was 20 years younger. I owe it to my fellow man to do good, and the regained youth will give me the energy I need to do it.”

The genie says, “it is done”. He claps his hands and suddenly, George W is looking sharp and ready for action.

Donald Trump shrugs, steps forward, and says “I wish Melania was 30 years younger”.

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