Gates of Heaven

4 nuns die in a tragic bus crash.

They find themselves at the gates of heaven, where Peter greets them warmly. “Sisters, to enter into heaven, you must confess a sin.” The sisters line up in front of Peter, who is smiling warmly.

The first nun pauses, takes a deep breath, and says “I… I once looked at a penis with lust in my heart.” Peter nods acceptingly and says “That is okay my child. Simply splash some of the holy water in that fountain into your eyes.”

The nun does as she was told, and poof, she disappears.

The second nun says “I once touched a penis.” and looked down in shame. Peter nods, and says “It is okay. Wash your hands in the fountain.” She does, and once again, disappears immediately.

Suddenly the fourth nun shoves the third nun out of the way yelling “I’M NEXT, I’M NEXT!”

Peter calmly says “Whoa whoa, it’s okay, you have nothing but time now.”

The nun replies “Yeah, but if you think I’m gonna drink that water after she sits in it, you’re nuts.”

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