Frustrated by a world of moral decay, a man decided that he wanted a pure, innocent woman for his wife.

So he went to church in the hope of finding someone who had not been corrupted by modern society. After two weeks, he met a charming girl and took her back to his place for the ultimate test. Whipping out his manhood, he asked her: ‘What’s this?’

‘A cock,’ she replied.

Disappointed by her vulgar response, he decided she was not the girl for him.

Two weeks later he met another fine upstanding church girl and resolved to put her to the same test. So when he took her home, he whipped out his manhood and asked her: ‘What’s this?’

‘A cock,’ she answered.

Deeply dejected, he concluded that she, too, failed to meet his requirements.

Two weeks later, he met another sweet girl and invited her home. He whipped out his manhood and asked her: ‘What’s this?’

She giggled and said: ‘A pee-pee.’

That was exactly the sort of innocent answer he was looking for, and the pair began dating. Soon they married and settled down to enjoy their life together. But whenever she saw him naked, she giggled and said: ‘That’s your pee-pee.’ Whilst he found it endearing at first, it eventually began to grate a little, so he thought he ought to correct her.

‘Look,’ he explained, ‘this is not a pee-pee, it’s a cock.’

She laughed and said: ‘No, it’s not. A cock is ten inches long and black.’

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