Four prisoners are killed in a prison bus accident

A drug dealer, a car thief, a bank robber and a rapist all die and are sent immediately to hell. Once there Satan begins checking his documents and says he isn’t ready for them. He says “you died a little too soon. So we don’t have anywhere to put you. I will be clearing out a few places for you but in the meantime we must send you back. You get a second chance to do better. However if you fall into your old ways you will be sent back here immediately!”

Poof all four land on the street in NYC. The drug dealer within minutes finds a pay phone and begins dialing his drug supplier to get back into the drug game. As soon as his supplier answers POOF the drug dealer disappears in a cloud of smoke.

The other three continue walking until a brand new Lamborghini pulls up and the owner mistakingly thinks the car thief is a valet. He tosses the keys to lambo and says “park it!”. The car thief can’t help himself and hops in the Lamborghini. Before he can even take his foot off the brake POOF goes the car thief.

After a few blocks the bank robber and rapist are walking past a bank. All of the sudden a group of bank robbers come running out with bags of cash as an alarm blares behind them. A single $100 bill falls gently to the ground as the robbers speed off. The bank robber looks around and then bends over to grab the $100 bill and POOF goes the rapist

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