Four mid-life friends meet up once a year.

This year they decide to meet in the bar that was once their local for an evening of drinking and catching up.

Jack heads to the bar to get the first round in. Steve A starts the conversation.

“So hows the family guys? My son is doing quite well, airline pilot! The other day he took his new squeeze to Jamaica, his third holiday in 3 months..”

Steve B leans in and scoffs at the idea.

“My lad is in banking. Just bought his other half a yacht. Planning a cruise around the coast of Portugal soon”

Bill shakes his head and smirks.

“Well my eldest is doing well in his football career, just signed a new deal for 50 grand a week. Now, my boy bought his latest fling a new Land Rover 4×4, a Rolex watch and a villa in southern France!”

Jack returns to the table with the drinks and sits down. Steve reluctantly turns to Jack and asks

“Just been discussing how well our lads are doing now. Is yours still a gay rent boy?”

Jack looks down and sighs.

” Yeah.. but he is enjoying life. For his birthday the other day his lovers gave loads of nice gifts like a new Land Rover, Rolex watch, yacht, holiday to Jamaica and his very own Villa in France”

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