Five redditors are walking in the forest…

…when they find a lamp on the ground. One of them rubs it, and (as expected), a genie appears. Because he’s feeling particularly generous, the genie decides to grant all five of them one wish each.

The first one steps forward. “I would like a ten-inch-tall piano player, please”. The genie grants him the wish, and he posts joke #385 on r/Jokes and gets a couple upvotes.

The second one asks for a man hanging from a balcony by the fingertips, a man in a refrigerator, and a man coming home from work. The genies grants it, and he posts #9910 on reddit, getting some dozen upvotes.

The third one asks for a meta-joke. The genie gives him a reel joke, and it generates a thousand upvotes.

The fourth one asks for something to get him the top all-time post spot on r/Jokes. The genie gives him two “v”s and an edit. He posts it and drowns in karma.

The fifth and final redditor asks for an original joke that had never been posted on r/Jokes before. The genie groaned: “Are you kidding me? Doesn’t exist. Your wish is used up, too. Take a ten-lane highway to Hawaii, a legless parrot, and a talking dog, and go away.”

Rather than post jokes 839, 3924, and 936, the fifth redditor decides to post a joke about five redditors in a forest.

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