Fine, different alligator joke.

A man walks into a bar with his pet alligator, and the bartender says, “hey man you can’t have that in here it’s dangerous!” The man says, “No no! He’s not, look I can prove it that he’s not dangerous.” The bartender says, “okay, if you can prove that your alligator isn’t dangerous, you can keep it inside.” The man says, “okay watch.” The man smacks the alligator on the snout with a stick and says “open.” The alligator slowly opens it’s mouth, the man then puts his dick and testicles inside the mouth of the alligator. The man then says “close,” the alligator slowly closes it’s mouth. The man says “see? I’m completely unharmed” Everyone applause and the man puts his junk back in his pants. He then says, “anyone else wanna try…?” A drunk homeless man from the back of the bar says, “sure just don’t hit me with a stick!”

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