Father I have fallen

There was an old priest in a small town who spent years listening to confessions, most of which had been about adultery. One day he had enough and said “If I get one more confession about adultery I will leave this town.”

Now the people really liked the priest and didn’t wanna see him leave so they decided to start calling adultery something else. Eventually the word fallen replaced the word adultery, and people would confess to having fallen. This satisfied the priest and he stayed in that town for many more years until his eventual death.

After his death a new priest came to town and after a week came to the mayor. “Mr. Mayor you must do something about your sidewalks. Ive had a dozen people come to me saying they’ve fallen. At this point the Mayor starts laughing, realizing that no one told the priest what fallen stands for. Before the mayor could say anything the priest interrupts him. “I don’t know why you’re laughing Mr. Mayor, your wife said she fell five times this week.”

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