Everything is bigger in Texas

A guy in Canada hears the saying’ “Everything is bigger in Texas” and decides to drive down there and find out if it’s true. He takes the first exit he finds after crossing the border and goes inside the nearest fast food restaurant. He orders a small French fries and small cola. The cashier hands him a 64 oz. bladder buster full of cola and an entire tray piled high with French fries. The Canadian says, “But I order a small fries and drink!” The cashier replies, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” So the Canadian drives on down the road a little further until he is tired and finds a hotel. He decides to go visit the hotel bar and asks the bartender for a shot of whiskey. The bartender pours him a giant beer mug full of whiskey. The Canadian says, “But I only ordered a shot of whiskey!” The bartender replies, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” So the Canadian dutifully begins drinking the mug of whiskey and consequently becoming extraordinarily drunk. Eventually nature calls and the Canadian sloppily asks the bartender, “Where doooooouh Iaaahh find the bafroom?” The bartender says, “Go through that door. Take a left and two rights and you’ll be right there.” However, the Canadian being impaired, takes a right and two left turns and wanders into the pool area where he accidentally falls into the water. He bursts to the surface yelling with panic, “Don’t flush! don’t flush!”

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