Engineer professors on a plane…

A plane full of engineering professors were planned to go to a convention. As the professors are placed in their seats, the captain speaks in the loud speakers. “Hello everyone, and welcome to our flight. Before take-off I just want you all to know, this airplane has been built by all of your very own students!”

The chaos is real; the professors immediately start shouting and complaining they don’t want to be on this flight and they want out. Everybody but one – a single professor stays calm and relaxed in his seat, minding his own business, he doesn’t seem to care about the nerve-wrecking message from the cabin.

When the passengers calmed down again, a professor asked him, “how were you so calm and collected? Weren’t you freaked out?”

The professor looked up and said firmly, “well I know that if this plane is built by our students, it will never even leave the ground.”

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