Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Chris Christie all die and go to heaven.

While the earth rejoices they climb up to the pearly gates where Saint Peter meets them.

“I’m afraid that our standards of admission have declined considerably in recent centuries, and thus you will all be allowed in. On one condition: you all must pass a test.”

“Test? I love tests, I always got the best grades on my tests. Man my teachers loved me, and let me tell you they don’t make teachers like that any more. We will make tests great again.” Trump says.

“Your test Mr Trump is that you must not try to make any money while in heaven.” Peter says.

This makes Trump very nervous, but he agrees.

“Mike your test is simple, your roommate in heaven will be a gay man, if you can tolerate him and refrain from saying one bad thing about him you can stay.” He continues.

This makes him very upset but he also agrees.

“Wait, where’s Christie?” Mike asks, looking around.

“Yeah what’s his test?” Trump asks.

Peter consults his list.

“Oh, he just has to make it to the top of the stairs.” He answers.

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