Donald Trump is on his first state visit to Angela Merkel in Berlin…

After a bit of small talk, he asks Merkel, which is the secret of her great success.

Merkel tells him that you only need to have many intelligent people around you.

“How do you know so soon, if someone is intelligent?” Asks Trump.

“Let me demonstrate,” Merkel answers.

She reaches for the telephone, calls Wolfgang Schäuble and asks him a question: “Mr. Schäuble, it’s the son of your father, but is not your brother. Who is it?”

Without hesitation, Schäuble answers: “Very simple, that’s me!”

“Look,” says Merkel to Trump, “this is how i test the intelligence of the people around me.”

Trump flies back to America enthusiastically.

At home, he immediately calls his Vice Pence to ask him the same question: “It is the son of your father, but is not your brother. Who is it?”

After a long pause, Pence says: “I have no idea, but I will try to figure out the answer by tomorrow!”

Pence just does not get it and decides to seek advice from former President Obama.

He calls him: “Mr. Obama – it is the son of your father, but it’s not your brother. Who is it?”

Obama fast as a gun: “Very simple, that’s me!”

Happy to have found the answer, Pence calls at Trump and says triumphantly: “I have the answer, it’s Barack Obama!”

Trump yells at him, shocked: “No, you idiot, it’s Wolfgang Schäuble!”

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