Donald Trump calls Angela Merkel

“Angela”, he said, “you need to help me! The biggest condom-factory in the US burnt down last night. We really need 1,000,000 condoms! Could you help us?”

“Sure”, Angela said, “shouldn’t be that much of a problem.”

“The condoms must have the national colors of America. Red, blue and white. They must be 11 inches long and 3 inches wide”, Trump orders.

Angela: “Okay, das should be doable. I’m on it.”

Angela Merkel then calls the head of the biggest condom factory in germany. “Servus, we need to help the american people! They need 1,000,000 condoms, can you do this?”

“Freilich. Any special wishes?” the manager asks.

Angela: “Yes. They need to be red, blue and white, have to be 11 inches long and 3 inches wide.”

Manager: “Sure ding, anything else?”

Merkel said: “Yes. Do me a favor and print “MADE IN GERMANY” on them and put them in boxes with “SMALL” written on it.

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