Donald Trump, Bill Gates, the Pope, and a kid on an airplane…

Donald Trump, Bill Gates, the Pope and a schoolboy are on a crashing airplane. There are only 3 parachutes. “Well,” says Bill Gates, “I am the most important businessman in the world and I need to continue running my company.” He takes the first parachute and jumps out. “Well,” says Trump, “I am America’s smartest president, and my people need me.” He takes the second parachute and jumps out. The Pope takes the third parachute and hands it to the child. “Take this”, the Pope says, “I am old and I will pass on soon anyways. This world needs you more than it needs me.” “That’s okay, Your Holiness, we can BOTH have a parachute,” says the schoolboy. “But how is that possible,” asks the Pope, flabbergasted. “Because,” says the schoolboy, “America’s smartest president took my bookbag.”

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