Did you hear the story about the Russian hunter?

A Russian hunter goes into the forest one day to hunt for bears. He sees one from afar and slowly creeps up to him. He takes aim and fires. Bang. After the smoke clears out, the hunter is suprised to see that the bear is gone. The bear then appears behing him, tapping the hunter on the back.

The hunter then turns around and the bear gives him two options, he says

“I’m going to give you two options; one, you let me painfully and slowly rip you to shreds and eat you piece by piece, or two, you take of your pants, bend over and let me have my way.”

The hunter doesn’t reply and instead takes another shot. Bang. After the smoke xlears out, the bear is again, no longer there. The bear appears behind the hunter and taps him on the back. The bear then says

“Alright you’ve tried twice now turn around and bend over.”

The next day, the hunter goes into town tobuy a bigger gun, in hopes to kill the bear once and for all. He goes into the forest, he sees the bear, approches him, takes aim and fires. Bang. He waits for the smoke to clear out and to no suprise, the bear isn’t there anymore. The bear appears behind him, taps him on the back and says

“You’re not really in this for the hunting, are you?”

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