Dave, a 73 year old man, has been playing 18 holes of golf at the same tee time at the same range everyday for the last 30 years

One day, as he is driving to the range extra early, he notices a young woman is stuck on the side of the road with a broken down truck. Normally, he would drive right by, but today he was pretty early so he figured he would offer her some assistance.

So he pulls over, asks if she needs help, and he ends up jump starting her car. Afterwards, she’s so thankful that she invites him over for lunch. Normally, he would say no, but he was so early to the range and she was so persistent, he eventually said yes.

So he gets to her house and she serves up a delicious lunch with margaritas. Dave tries to say no to drinking, but she was so nice and so persistent that he eventually agreed.

After 3 or so margaritas, Dave blacks out and the next thing he knows, he’s waking up in this random woman’s bed. “Oh my god! I can’t believe this happened! I’m a happily married man!” Dave exclaimed “I’m just going to have to come clean to my wife”

So Dave drives back, gets home, and immediately goes up to his wife. “Honey, i need to tell you something!” Dave says “As I was driving to the range, i ran into this random lady on the street, I helped fix up her car and she invited me to lunch. We had a few drinks and next thing i knew, i was waking up in bed with her! I can’t believe this happened! Can you ever forgive me??”

His wife looks him dead in the eyes and says “Dave, If you’re going to play 36 holes, at least have the balls to tell me. Don’t make up some crazy bullshit story!”

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