Dad has been prescribed some memory pills….

A guy is talking to his dad. The dad says he’s been really impressed by some pills the doctor gave him for his memory. The son say “I have a bad memory too, I’ll see if I can get some of those pills for myself. what are they called?”

The dad thinks for a moment and he umms and ahhs, then he says, “you know those flowers?”

“What like daffodils?”

“No! Those flowers, you know!”

Son says,”what, like tulips? Carnations?”

“No, you know what I mean, those long stemmed ones. They’re red. You give them on valentine’s Day”

“Oh, a ROSE” says the son.

“THATS IT! THATS IT!” says the dad, then he shouts into the kitchen, “Rose! Can you bring me my pills?”

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