Cow for sale

An old farmer in serious financial trouble put an ad selling a cow for $500.

Another farmer went to see it and they agreed to deliver the cow the next day, paying in advance.

However, the next day the buyer came and old farmer said:

I’m sorry, but I have some bad news. The cow died.

“Well, then, give me my money back.”

I can’t. I’ve spent it all, I was in debt.

“I see, that’s fine give me the cow anyway.”

What? And what are you going to do with a dead cow?

“I’ll raffle it!”

You cannot raffle a dead cow!

“Sure I can! Only, I won’t tell anyone that the cow is dead…”

A month later, the two farmers met again and the one who sold the cow asked:

So what happened to the dead cow?

“I raffled her as I’ve told you. I’ve sold 500 tickets at 5 dollars each and made a profit of 2495 dollars.”

What? And nobody complained?

“Just the guy who won the raffle. I gave him back the 5 dollars…”

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