College pregnancy

A college girls rushes to the hospital. Her water has just broke and she is now in labour. As she begins to push, the doctor asks if the father should be present. She answers “I’m not really sure who the father is. You see, I was having a hard time paying for my college tuition. To make some quick cash I agreed to be in a gang bang porno. That’s where I got pregnant. There were a lot of guys, so I’m not really sure which one is the father.” The doctor goes back to work and the girls continues to push. When the baby comes out the doctor says “I don’t know if this will help you narrow down who the father is, but the baby is black” The girl replies “That does help, there was only one black guy there” The doctor then adds “This may complicate it a bit, but the baby has blonde hair” The girl replies “Well there was one big Norwegian guy so that also makes sense” Again the doctor adds “The baby has small slanted eyes” The girl says “Well there was one Chinese guy in there too so I guess that makes sense too” Suddenly the baby begins to cry. The girl is overcome with relief. The doctor asks “Why are you so relieved to hear the baby cry?” The girls answers “I thought it was going to bark”

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