Cinderella was being a brat…

Cinderella was being bitchy and bratty days before the ball and it pissed her fairy godmother off something furious. To teach her a lesson, the fairy godmother said;

“Look I’m not going to be heartless. You can go to the ball and dance with Prince Charming, but if you’re back ONE MINUTE after midnight, forget the horses and the carriage, 12:01 A.M. your VAGINA will turn into a pumpkin. Got it?!”

So off Cinderella goes and doesn’t get back until damn near 3 A.M. to find fairy godmother looking at her watch and tapping her toe.

“Well little miss thing”, fairy godmother says, “Tell me, what did Prince Charming think of my little spell?”

“I didn’t go to the ball with Prince Charming”, Cinderella explains, “I went with Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater”

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