Choc ice

In the 1980s the only way my parents could pull off a Sunday afternoon “quickie” while their 8 year old son was in our flat was to send me out on the balcony with a Choc ice and a Mars Bar. I was instructed to take my time and report on all the street activities. So, one Sunday I began my commentary as my parents put their devious plan into action. ‘An ambulance just drove past’ ‘Looks like the Andersons have visitors,’ I called out. ‘Tommy’s got a new bike!’ ‘Looks like the Brown’s are moving!’ ‘Little Terry is on his toy car! Then, after a pause I announced, ‘Mr and Mrs Cooper are having sex. Startled, Mum and Dad shot up in bed! Daddy cautiously called out, ‘How do you know that, son?’ ‘Jimmy Cooper’s standing on his balcony with a Choc ice and a Mars Bar.’

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