Canadian joke

This kid was working the produce section of a grocery store A customer walks up and demands to have roundest watermelon in the store He doesn’t see any on the floor and wants the kid to check in the back The kid walks to the back of the store and unbeknownst to him The customer is following close behind The kid opens the door to the produce storage and yells “Hey Steve, this asshole wants the roundest watermelon in the store!” He turns around and faces the customer right behind him He then yells “and this guy right here would like one also, if you can find two” The kid proceeds to satisfy the customer and he walks off The manager was watching this whole ordeal from a distance He approaches the kid and says “Hey kid, I saw what you did there, I’m impressed, great quick thinking” He continued “so, where are you from?” The kid replies, “Canada, the land of whores and hockey players” The manager says “my wife is from Canada” The kid replies “oh really? Which team does she play for?

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