Can you make a horse cry?

One day there was a man who was backpacking across the states. He’s been walking for days and was low on money for food and a hotel. So a few miles up the road he walks into this small farm town with a hotel/bar. He thinks maybe he could work for a day for food and a bed but as he’s walking up to the hotel/bar he sees this horse pen with a horse and a sign on the gate that says “this is ed the horse if you can make ed laugh you win a free steak dinner and free night stay. Ask bartender within”. So the man walks in gets the bartender, they walk up to ed and the man leans over and whispers something into Ed’s ear and ed starts hysterically laughing. Shocked the bartender gives the man his steak dinner, the man spends the night and leaves in the morning. Now a couple months later the same man came back to this town on his way back home and he sees a sign on Ed’s gate that this time said “this is ed the horse if you can make ed cry you get a free steak dinner and free night stay ask bartender within”. The man walks in and gets the same bartender. This time the man takes ed around the corner out of sight and comes back 30seconds later and ed is bawling his eyes out. Shocked even more than last time the bartender asks the man “how did you make ed laugh then come back and him cry?”. The man looks and smirks and says “ the first time I told ed I have a bigger dick than him. This time I proved it”

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