Can jokes be sentimental?

A man is sitting next to the crib of his newborn baby. From the other room his father comes in and lays a hand on his shoulder.

“You did real good, son. You’re going to make a great dad.”

The son looks up and smiles with a bit of anxiety in his voice. “Thanks, Dad. I really hope so.”

The father pulls out a small book from his back pocket and hands it to his son. “Now that you’re a dad, I want you to have this. I studied it for the first year of your life and memorized every single one. I want you to use it for my grandson.”

“The son looks at the cover which is titled 1000 Dad Jokes To Annoy Your Kids.”

The son looks up at his father with tears in his eyes. “Dad…I’m honored.”

The father smiles. “Hello, honored. I’m, Dad.

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