Broke guy walks into a brothel…

Man: “All I have is $20 bucks, what can I get for that?”

Madame: “Fine. Go to door number 5 over there.”

He goes to door number 5, and all he sees in there is a chicken. Being horny and having nothing to lose he quickly dropped his pants and started having sex with the chicken.

The following week he returns with only $10 and asks what he gets for that. The Madame says no problem: “Go to door number 4.”

There he sees a group of people behind a two way mirror watching and laughing hysterically as a man fucks a goat on the other side of the mirror. Amused, he starts hollering and hooting along with them.

Then one of the other guys turns to him and said: “This is nothing. You should have been here last week there was a guy fucking a chicken.”

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