Boyfriend and girlfriend go into a restaurant and sit down in a booth. There is a man sitting at the bar, checking the woman out, up and down.

As the boyfriend gets up to go to the bathroom, the man walks over the the girlfriend, sits down right across from her and looks her right in the eyes. Without blinking he says, “I want to suck your nipples raw, and fill your pussy up with Tequila, and sip it out with a straw.” Needless to say, the woman is appaulled. The man notices the boyfriend coming back so he returns to his bar stool.

As the boyfriend sits down, his girlfriend tells him frantically, “that man at the bar said he wanted to suck my nipples raw.” Well the boyfriend gets pissed and stands up like he’s getting ready to beat the shit out of this guy. “Hold on honey, there’s more,” the girlfriend says.

“What is it?!” the boyfriend asks.

His girlfriend says, “He also said he wanted to fill my pussy up with Tequila and sip it out with a straw.” Her boyfriend then sits back down in his seat.

Angrily, his girlfriend says, “Well aren’t you going to do anything?!?!?!”

Her boyfriend replies, “Honey, I’m not messing with any man who can drink that much Tequila.”

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