Boy walks in on his mum in the shower…

Four year old Timmy walks in on his mom while she’s in the shower.

Pointing to her rather lush bush, he asks, ‘Mom, what’s that?’

Scrambling for an answer, mom replies, ‘Err, it’s just my sponge.’ Satisfied with a new TIL, Timmy goes about his day.

A few days pass and moms had a shave. Timmy again walks in while moms in the shower. ‘MOM! Where’s your sponge!?’

Scrambling again, she replies, ‘Err, I lost it.’ Timmy puffs up his chest and decides, ‘I’m gonna help you find it mommy!’ Mom shrugs and continues her shower.

A couple days later, Timmy runs into moms room triumphantly declaring, ‘Mom! I did it! I found your sponge!’ Curious, mom asks, ‘Well where is it Timmy?’

Timmy replies, ‘The neighbor has it! She’s cleaning dad’s face with it!’

[edit. English]

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