Boots and Sandals have an Alliance against the Shoes

Both the Boots and the Sandals feel that the Shoes take too much of the Feet’s attention, so they formed an alliance.

One day, a Boot with a cold met up with his Sandal friend. They chat a bit.

“But are you sure there are no shoes around here?” The Sandal asks worriedly.

“Of course. I will keep a lookout and tell you if I see one!” The Boot replies.

This made the sandal feel calmer. They continue talking, but suddenly the Boot cries:

“A shoe! A shoe!”

“What? What? Where?” The Sandal looks around frantically, but spots no shoes.

“Sorry, I was just sneezing,” says the Boot.

I am aware that this punchline is very predictable but I came up with this story myself lol

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