Bob the Builder dies and goes to heaven

But on the way he’s kidnapped by Satan and dragged down to Hell. After a while, God realises Bob is missing and phones Satan to complain.

“Well,” says Satan “he’s doing a couple of little jobs for me. Just a bit of decorating. Then I’ll send him up to you.”

Time passes. Still no sign of Bob among the choir invisible. God calls Satan again.

“OK then,” Satan says “but I just need him to finish some plastering. Then he’s all yours, honest.”

More time passes. Bob still hasn’t collected his cloud and harp. Enraged, God calls Satan again.

“Look,” pleads Satan “just a bit longer, I need him to put aircon in the Jane Austen Wing, and I reckon we’re going to need another extension soon, and then…”

“ENOUGH!” storms God “send him to me immediately or I’ll sue!”

“Oh yeah,” replies Satan “and where are you going to find a lawyer up there?”

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