Bob Had Terrible BO…

And no matter how much he washed or scrubbed, he couldn’t get rid of it. He tried hundreds of soaps and shampoos but nothing seemed to work. He showered five times a day, kept the AC on 24/7 and avoided garlic and beans like the plague, but alas people still gagged as they walked behind him.

Disheartened and down to his last few dollars, Bob walked sullenly down the street. On the corner of the block was a sign that read:

‘World’s Wisest Man! A solution to all your problems or your money back!’

Intrigued, Bob entered the building. After a short wait he was ushered in to a small room, where a monk with a beard curling along the ground meditated. A nameplate on the floor proclaimed the monk as Weng Li.

Before Bob could say a word, Weng Li began to speak. ‘Heed my words child. I know of the issues that plague you. Take this insect and let it climb along yourself every morning.’

Bewildered, Bob took the jar containing the bug and left. Once back at home, he fell into a conflicted sleep. But, he decided, his smell had ruined his life for years. Surely even this was worth a shot?

He let the bug out and it dutifully climbed on him for a few minutes. Suddenly, he realized his smell was gone! Jumping for joy, he ran back into to town to thank Weng Li.

‘Weng Li! Weng Li! I dont smell anymore! How did you know that the bug would work?!’

Weng Li smiled a small smile. ‘The moment my eyes fell upon you, I knew all you needed was a deodor-ant.’

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