Best Finnish joke i know (Does not involve snipers)

2 Finnish Longshoremen complete their hard days work at the port of Kuopio on payday, and decide to go to the local bar to have a fun night.

No words are spoken as they sit down. They look at the bar keep, and one raises his hand, with 2 fingers up.

The bar keep brings 2 shots of Vodka. The 2 Finns drink the Vodka- still without having said a word.

One of the Finns raises his hand with 2 fingers showing, and the bar keep brings 2 more Vodkas.

This goes on all through the night. The 2 Finns never say a word, even after 10 shots of Vodka each.

Clearly both are feeling the alcohol after 10 shots each. Not a word has been said by either the entire night.

At this point, one Finn looks at the other and says ‘Should we get another round?’

The other looks at the first with disgust, and replies

‘Are we here to talk, or to drink?’

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