Being seduced by the younger sister

So apparently this guy was engaged to a beautiful woman. He got along well with her family but he could not deny that her younger sister was drop-dead gorgeous and he felt a strong attraction to her. A week before the wedding, he gets a mysterious phone call from the sister asking him to come over to her house and to hurry.
So he drives over, knocks on the front door wondering what on earth could be happening? She greets him at the door and invites him in. She is wearing a stunning Victoria’s Secret negligee, the house is dark and there is soft music playing.

“I know you’re marrying my sister in a week,” she said. “Before that happens, I just wanted to have you come over, take me upstairs and make passionate love to me. I promise you my sister will never find out.” With that she turned her back and walked slowly up the stairs.

The guy turns, charges out the front door and races to his car. He stops in amazement when he sees his fiancee and her entire family gathered on the sidewalk applauding. In a moment her sister comes outdoors in a robe and joins in the applause.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

His fiancee stepped forward, her family beaming approval behind her. “This was just a test of your faithfulness. I wanted to make sure that you were 100% devoted to me and would never try to be with someone else. Darling, I’m so happy!”

She embraced him as her family cheered.

The lesson of this story: always keep your condoms in the glove compartment of your car.

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