Be careful what you ask for

A guy walks into a bar, followed by 12 beautiful women. He slams a bag of gold down and says, ” Bartender, drinks for everyone”.

The bartender just finished setting up drinks for everyone at the bar when suddenly a 12 inch tall man jumped out from the rich guys jacket and runs down the length of the bar, kicking over every drink on the way. With that, he ran back and leaped inside the rich guys jacket, out of sight.

The bartender said, ” You mind telling me what the hell just happened”?

The rich guy says, “Ah, you know. I was walking along a beach one day and found an old oil lamp half buried in the sand. I rubbed on it a few times to shine it up. A Genie came out and granted me three wishes”.

“So I asked for all the money I could ever want. You see the bag of gold there. Then I asked for a harem of beautiful women. You see them here”.

” Finally, I asked for a 12 inch prick. That was him “.

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