Bathroom farts at the airport

The best way I can convey this is with a story so here we go.

Awhile back I was at the Denver airport and had to take a piss. I walked into the men’s room and the line for the urinals was like 7 or 8 people deep. All the stalls were filled and there was another line for those. So I waited patiently.

Next thing I know some unfortunate soul in one of the stalls starts letting hell break loose from the crack of his ass. I’m talking like loud, cartoony, machine gun, Nagasaki farts.

So what, right? Everyone farts. To most people a fart doesn’t provide that much comedy. Well, not today.

One guy started laughing at the urinal while he was taking a piss. His cackle was loud and contagious. Another guy broke out into laughter. Then another. I started uncontrollably laughing and at this point I didn’t know if I was laughing at the contagious laughter or the uniquely impressive farts from the stall.

For what felt like the longest minute ever, the farts didn’t let up. They only got more violent. More than half of the bathroom is laughing at this point and the cacophony of laughter and farts reached an epic climax like that of a Beethoven symphony until slowly dying down into the quiet silence that was before it.

It was truly a beautiful moment of laughter and happiness.

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