Based on an urban myth: Two guys were smoking weed one late evening

Not being in the best state for great decisions, they figured they wanted to go for a ride to pick up some food. However, as they came to the first roundabout one guy said, let’s go for an extra round. Sure, said the other and off they went.

“You know what would be even better?”


“Going backwards, of course.”

So they went backwards around the roundabout. Several times. Then the inevitable happens and they ran straight into another car. Although there is no major damage to either car, they try to think about what to do. Not being in their best state, they don’t manage to get away before the cops turn up at the scene. The officer goes to the car they hit and have a chat before he comes to their car:

“Just carry on lads. This guy is so drunk he claims you were going backwards.”

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