Atheist and a Priest go golfing

Read this on Quora earlier, figured I’d share it here.

An atheist and a priest got paired up during a golf tournament.

Every time the priest messed up a shot he did the sign of the cross and moved on.

Every time the atheist messed up a shot he said, “Oh s**t, I missed”.

This language bothered the priest, who asked the atheist to stop. The atheist agreed to try, but habits die hard and a short while later he started up again “Oh s**t, I missed”.

The priest asked him to stop again with the same result.

“Oh s**t, I missed.”

Finally, the priest had enough and said, “Son, if you say that in my hearing again, may God strike you down!”

Again, the atheist agreed to try (out of respect for the priest, not a fear of “God”). He managed to guard his tongue for 2 more holes before missing a 2-foot putt on the 18th hole. “Oh s**t, I missed.”

The priest frowned and said, “I warned you what would happen if you said that again…”

Just then a bolt of lighting lances out of the blue sky and strikes the priest dead.

The crowd gasped as a voice rings out from above, “Oh s**t, I missed!”

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