At the gates of the Vatican, there stood a jew demanding to meet with the pope.

The cardinals on gate duty knew him to be the head of an ancient Jewish family, that had tried to meet with The Pope for generations.

As they were shooing him away, The Pope walked by and heard the commotion.

“what is going on?” he asked.

“Your Grace, it is simply a jew who wishes to meet with you. For generations his family has tried, and we have always turned them away” the cardinal explained.

“Nonsense! The house of God is open for all. Bring him to me” The Pope instructed.

Once inside, The Pope greeted the man, and thus their conversation began.

“I hear your family has been trying to meet with me for generations” the pope said

“yes, for countless generations my family has been trying to reach the anointed representative of God” the jew said.

“and now we’re here. Tell me, what do you need from me?” the pope asked, as he leaned forward on his chair.

“well your grace, surely you remember the last supper?” the jew asked.

“of course! It is one of our most sacred traditions” The Pope exclaimed

“well your grace, here is the bill.”

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