As part of a TV show, 3 men are given the opportunity to live in a cave for a year…

… they are told they’ll be sealed away and given enough food and water to get them through the year. However, they are also told they they may not bring anything with them into the cave, but they will be given an endless supply of one thing and one thing only to binge on for a whole year.

The first man says “I want food! Enough food that I can eat til I throw up and then eat again for the whole year”. He’s set up with an endless supply of food and he enters the cave to start gorging himself.

The second man says, “I want sex! All the people I can have sex with. Men, women, the lot. I want to have a year long orgy!”. Again, the TV crew make the arrangements and they seal him away in a cave for a wild year-long orgy.

The third man says “I want all the weed I can smoke, I want to be stoned out of my gourd for the whole year”. again, the arrangements are made and he enters his cave.

A year later the first man exits his cave “How was it?” Asks the TV presenter.

Looking considerably larger and very happy, he answers: “It was great! a whole year of free food, there was a massive variety and it was all top quality stuff. An unbelievable experience”

The second person comes out, looking very fit and even happier than the first man. “How was it?” the presenter asks.

“AMAZING” he answers. “So much sex, I thought I’d die from pleasure, we did everything you could imagine. How the hell do I top that now?”

Finally the third man leaves his cave, but he doesn’t look ecstatic like the other two… “And how about you?” the presenter asks.

“Anyone got a light?” says the man.

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