…And That’s When I Lost It.

I rear-ended a midget the other day with my car. I didn’t know he was a midget when I ran into him. I got out to apologize, expecting a normal size driver, and when I saw the midget climb out of his car and start walking back toward me with his grumpy face, I just about lost it. I can’t help it, I laugh when I’m nervous, and he just looked so funny marching back toward me.


So anyways, I’m doing everything I can to avoid cracking up because I know it’s only going to make it worse if I start laughing at him after I’ve already dented his car. Well he looks at me with a very stern face and he can tell I’m not taking him very seriously.


“There’s nothing funny about this.” He said.


“I know.” I replied.


“I’m not happy.” He stated.


“Well then which one are you?”

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