An Older Couple Are Having Dinner At A Nice Restaurant

Coincidentally, it is their 30th anniversary, and is also the same restaurant where the man proposed to his wife. The man leans toward the his wife and quietly says to her, “Remember how we had sex in the alley behind this place when we got engaged?” “Yes.” the woman replies. “Lets do it again.” says the man. Meanwhile a cop sitting at a table near them overhears their conversation and decides to bust them. The older couple finish their meal then head outside into the alleyway. There is an old chain link fence, and it’s the same one on which they had sex 30 years ago. They begin making love with the woman’s back on the fence while the cop is secretly watching. He’s about to approach them when he notices their love making is abnormally vigorous for a couple in their 60’s. In fact, it is stunning. They are going at it harder than any porn you have ever seen. After they were finished the cop walks up and says, “I was going to arrest you two for what you just did, but I’m so impressed I just don’t think I can. How on earth did you do that?” The man of the couple replies, “We are a bit surprised too. The last time we did that, that fence wasn’t electric.”

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